Created as part of the "Spring 2d jam 2021" jam, I present to you "Get it Bee".

The theme of the Jam being "Growth", I decided to make you inacarnate a bee, which must make its hive grow, to save it.

Ideally designed to operate via smartphone, the game is also playable on a computer, but simpler.

I used the "g develop" software to make the game, with images found on the internet.

Good game everyone

Forgive my level of english, i'm french, no one can be perfect ...

Créé dans le cadre de la jam "Spring 2d jam 2021", je vous présente " Get it Bee".

Le thème de la Jam étant la "Croissance", j'ai décidé de vous faire inacarner une abeille, qui doit faire grandir sa ruche, pour la sauver.

Idéalement fait pour fonctionner via smartphone, le jeu est jouable également sur ordinateur, mais plus simple.

J'ai utilisé le logiciel "g develop" pour faire le jeu, avec des images trouvées sur internet.

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Bon jeu à tous !

Royalty free song:

Sunny day - Reed mathis

Tropic - Anno Domini Beats

Winner Winner Funky Chicken Dinner - The Whole Other

Bee sounds :


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Your game is greaaat ! 

Thanks !

The bee population has been dying off since before 4 & 5G, but \o/ good game anyways.


Yes I wanted to talk about current threats, but we agree that threats have existed for several decades...

Nice idea! Congrats :D

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Thanks, several people have thought of playing games with a bee, I who thought I was original :) 

Sure it is and match with theme spring!