If the game has trouble loading on startup, reload the page (ctrl + f5), normally you should hear music from the start of the story!

Help strawberry Ball find Ice Cream Cone, his best friend, at the fairground.

Control : enter to start , space to jump and arrow key right and left to accelerate .

Game created in 1 week and a half as part of the ice cream jam : https://itch.io/jam/ice-cream-jam

I created the whole game, graphics and gameplay under g-develop with piskel. I didn't have time to do the music, which I found on a royalty-free site, with the links below:

If you liked the game, don't hesitate to share it and rate it as part of the Jam, thank you in advance!

Game : Fairground for a Mucus Dress by Ergo Phizmiz : https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Ergo_Phizmiz/Quality_and_Service/Fairground_f...

Final : Victory by Monplaisir : https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Monplaisir/Turbo_Rallye_Clicker_4000_Soundtra...

And never forget : "Lieutenant Dan, I got you some ice cream. Lieutenant Dan, ice cream!"

— Forrest Gump

Thank you for playing !

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